Saturday, December 8, 2007

375 Drinking

I decided to start my own booze blog instead of clogging this one with my off-topic posts. sorry to anyone who was annoyed. You can find this one (and more to come!) at 375 Drinking!

look for more posts at Darkmoon Special Reserve


cort said...

Now *that* is crafting! I am so very, very starting a batch of Earl Grey & Cucumber/Lemon/Thyme this evening.

Woe to the groups who rely on Tho for healing in two weeks or so!

joshie said...

Wow, I almost wish WoW had a booze-making profession.

Do you generally strain with a wire-mesh strainer?

angiecita said...

I usually strain twice, once with a wire mesh strainer, then once more with a cheesecloth-lined funnel. The pureed cucumber tends to leave a lot of bits behind, so i try to pull out as much of the leftovers as i can. the upside to pureeing the cucumber, though, is that you can squeeze out every last bit of vodka goodness

angiecita said...

You know, WoW may not have a booze-making profession, but they do have a booze-making hat. and I definitely wish i had that in real life