Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Warlock's Dilemma

In instances, minion choice is generally situational. Felguard or voidwalker for off-tanking, imp for +stamina and fire shield, succubus for crowd control, felhound for...something.

But what's the best choice for general questiness? For 30 levels, I've run with a Felguard. I love him. I attempt to keep him alive in instances. He looks really cool. But is he better than the voidwalker for general running around? For 30 levels I thought i knew the answer. Now i'm not so sure.

For those of you who are more baseball statistics-minded (read: not me) here's the stat breakdown for a lvl 70 warlock, 42 Demonology, 19 Affliction.

---- Voidwalker Felguard
Health 7014 5010
Mana 4658 4127
Str 153 153
Agi 108 108
Stm 457 457
Int 326 280
Spr 122 122
Power 634 630
Damage 139-171 228-282
Spell Bonus +91 +90
Armor 9384 8503
--- reduces reduces
--- damage 47% damage 43%

Felguard does have Cleave and Charge and a better taunt than the voidwalker. Voidwalker has Consume Shadows and sacrifice. When i run with the blueberry, it seems like he dies more, but that might just be an impression.

I don't really play by statistics because I've always suspected they don't give you the whole picture. Looking at the stats for Felguard vs. Voidwalker, it seems that the voidwalker is the better choice. But is it? Am I missing something? I think so. But what?


angiecita said...

if anyone knows why my table created a HUGE blank space before the actual table, please let me know. me + HTML = hilarity

joshie said...

There are a bunch of <br /> tags in the table. I'm not sure how they should be rendered but maybe they're getting put all at the top? You shouldn't need BR tags in a table unless you want a linefeed within a single cell of the table.

As far as the topic of the post, it's an interesting question. I have a young warlock and I have been wondering about minion choices myself. I don't have a Felguard yet, so my choices are only Imp, VW, Succy and Felpup. For solo questing, it seems like the Succy and VW are the best choices. Succy does more damage, VW has taunts and MUCH greater survivability. But I've read that "drain tanking" is a viable 'lock leveling technique, which uses the Succy for her damage output. I don't know if there is any one answer. The Felguard has somewhat less health and armor, but he hits considerably harder.

Not having been there, I would suggest running with the Felguard unless he seems to be dying a lot. You should theoretically be killing things faster that way.

angiecita said...

Just be careful with the succubus. I've always found her to be incredibly squishy, and she doesn't seem to hold aggro very well. At least, not nearly as well as the blueberry and the felguard

angiecita said...

hey joshie: I checked the HTML, and i didn't see any br tags. I used the table tags, TD and TR, but don't see any of the ones you mentioned. i wish all the posters could look at the HTML, because this is really frustrating for me

Jeremy said...

Fixed! The br tags were only showing up in the actual HTML shown to the reader, not in the "source" that you enter. Blogger was being "smart" and inserting br tags after every line of your table. I fixed it by squishing the table into a single line of text.

angiecita said...

stupid blogger. thanks J-dawg

dexity said...

30 levels ?
(FG is pt41, that means lvl 50min)

So, you're lvl80 ? duh ^^